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For an easy-to-use, effective way to keep your home dust and allergen-free, look to the Vacuflo Central Vacuum Installation System from H-P Products. Vacuflo's patented Cyclonic Filtration Technology eliminates most all of your vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens from the air. Unlike portable vacuums, Vacuflo does not re-circulate dirt, dust and allergens. Vacuflo's Cyclonic Filtration Technology creates a centrifugal force that separates the dirt from the air flow and deposits 96 – 98% of all debris into a remote canister. The remaining fine dust particles are either exhausted outside or caught in a pleated filter cartridge.

The Vacuflo Central Vacuum Installation System can be installed into new or existing homes with little or no structural modifications. For maximum convenience and whole-house coverage, inlets are strategically placed throughout the home.

Vacuflo is also the green choice. By removing 100% of vacuumed dirt and dust, they ensure healthy indoor air and reduce the discomfort of allergy sufferers by more than 60%.

Also, unlike uprights which are often discarded after only a few years, Vacuflo Central Vacuum Installation Systems keep up worry-free cleaning for decades. Vacuflo offers a Lifetime Part Repair or Replacement warranty on the permanently installed components and Vacuflo is Made in America in Canton Ohio. Vacuflo also offers accessories to clean all interior furnishings, carpet types and floor surfaces and specialized kits to take care of your cars interior.
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