Security and Surveillance

Security and Surveillance

Home Security

A security system is one of the most functional lifestyle requirements of any home today. Hidden in the décor, an integrated network of discrete sensors and surveillance cameras monitor a variety of critical conditions in and around the home. Interactive touch panels inform you the instant a problem occurs.

Technology By Design's security systems use sophisticated technologies to manage threats such as burglary, fire and medical emergency. Such threats can strike at any time without warning. Therefore, response time is most critical in providing you with advanced warning and notification for the safety of your loved ones and your possessions.

Our security systems in Des Moines and the surrounding areas connect to our alarm monitoring center to immediately notify emergency responders of the developing emergency. Alarm monitoring is the fastest and most reliable method to immediately notify emergency responders. We offer peace of mind through monitoring for a low yearly fee.

Home Surveillance

Our home surveillance systems will provide you with high definition views of the entrance points of your home and any other crucial location you want to monitor. With a network connection, all of our NVR systems can be viewed remotely with no monthly fees, so you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you might travel. Cameras for the systems come in dome or bullet styles and offer a range of clarity pending the distance you are viewing. Whether you’re checking the front door from your TV inside your home or making sure the garage door is shut when you’re out of town, our surveillance systems offer peace of mind and security that you shouldn’t be without.

Customer Testimonial

"I'm impressed with your company's service, so I offer this as a testimonial. Most recently we had a mare give birth to a foal in the middle of the night. Thanks to the cameras which were installed when the barn was built, we were able to observe the mare having problems. My wife and I headed to the barn and found that the foal's legs were twisted in such a way the mare wasn't able to give birth. We were able to move the foal around, straighten the legs and a few minutes later a filly was born without further problems. The moral of this story is a little money spent up front saves volumes of problems later."

-John Hovey, Dallas County, Iowa 2/10/10
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